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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Mailing list (was Re: Issues for a beta release...)
Date Wed, 12 Apr 1995 19:37:05 GMT
On Wed, 12 Apr 1995, Beth Frank wrote:
> Just to give you an idea of the traffic we receive
> on  One person spends between
> 10-15 hours a week answering our mail and still gets
> behind.  A fair number of those response are stock
> answers or check out <insert URL here>.  That doesn't
> include mail that finds its way directly to members
> of the development team.

Okay, so the README for apache will say something to the effect of

"Apache is as-is software - there is complete documentation on line, so there
is no general support email address.  If you encounter trouble in setting up
Apache, and the documentation doesn't solve your problem, ask your question
on comp.infosystems.www.providers - many users of Apache as well as a few of
the contributors to Apache will sit there and answer questions.  We will try
and address frequently asked questions in the online documentation.  Do *not*
send support questions to the Apache group, and do *not* send support
questions to the NCSA httpd support team (unless this is also a problem for
you in NCSA httpd 1.3 or 1.4).  If you find something you consider to be a
bug, send mail to - that mailbox will at 
least be glanced through by Apache members, but there is no guarantee of 
a response.  Bugs with patch files appended will be paid highest 

"There is a one-way moderated general announcements list for new 
Apache versions/feature enhancements.  To subscribe, send mail to with the words 

subscribe apache-announcements

in the body of the message.  Traffic should be low, as this is not a 
free-for-all list."

Someone who can copy edit can probably improve this, but I think this 
represents rough consensus now.

Also, the apache-bugs mailbox is live - those with hyperreal accounts can 
just do a "(pine|elm|mail|Mail) -f /var/mail/apache-bugs" to read the 
mailbox.  Do a "w" first to make sure it's not already being read.



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