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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Yet Another Suggestion
Date Mon, 10 Apr 1995 22:11:40 GMT

Before I run off and code this, what do people think about, in the case 
of a "404 not found", the server checks to see if the file being 
requested was simply incorrectly capitalized by trying a case-insensitive 
search for the object, and if it's found, issuing a redirect?  This accounts 
for the vast majority of 404 entries in my error_log, for some reason.  
I'm sure this would be a system-heavy feature but those with CPU to spare 
might like it - not as an excuse to be sloppy with URL's but as a way to 
simply serve people better.  Instead of a redirect perhaps this could be 
an extra message to give the 404 response, i.e. 

The URL /foobar.html was not found.  However, <a 
href="/FooBar.html">/FooBar.html</a> exists, if you meant that.

Of course a search for case-insensitive matches could turn up more than 
one match.



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