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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: votes
Date Mon, 10 Apr 1995 02:27:30 GMT
On Sat, 8 Apr 1995, Rob McCool wrote:
> Originally, there was only MAX_STRING_LEN. Then these stupid WAIS
> gateways came along and people found that they needed URLs that were
> enormous, often several K in size. I realized that I couldn't raise
> MAX_STRING_LEN to the needed size without incurring serious
> increases in memory use, so I made two values. And then I went and
> changes all the required placed to use HUGE_STRING_LEN instead of MAX.

(Donning programmer-newbie hat here)

Is there some reason that extra space just couldn't have been allocated 
when needed?  Or is there no efficient way to tell if more memory is 
going to be needed when string copying is done?

> As you all probably know I missed a few.

Hey, I think we can find it in our hearts to forgive ya.  :)



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