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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Real Audio
Date Wed, 19 Apr 1995 23:31:00 GMT
On Wed, 19 Apr 1995, Andrew Wilson wrote:
> The real freak seems to be the random access approach to the data streams.
> In effect the server will be recieving periodic requests to rewind a stream
> and start playing the 'sample' again.  God only knows what this will
> do to bandwidth!?!

Ah, okay, this is where it really distinguishes itself from a basic 
stream of sound information - but, it just points out limits in HTTP (not 
being able to fetch a random subpart of an object, only the object 
itself).  Though, munging the URL to store this subsection info in 
path-info or query-string might not be bad, and all this can happen 
*outside* the server through a smart client and a CGI script.

Either way, it doesn't look like we need to supply direct support for it.
Besides, I don't think their business model allows for public code server 
implementations anyways.  In fact I don't think it even allows for a 
*publication* of their protocol.  harumph.

> Over WAN things would be different.  Many service providers (EUnet in Europe
> for one) are *very* anti UDP and related bandwidth killing protocols, we may
> see a backlash against large scale use of MBONE-like services on WAN.

God, I hope they kill "make a long-distance, even cross-country phone 
call for the price of a local call using the internet!" services before 
it's too late.

> Don't even *ask* me about VRML.  The future scares me. ;)

What about VRML?  :)  The big debate over on that list, of course, is 
just how orthogonal the language should be from the networking it sits on 
top of.  Oh, and behaviors.  Oh, and avatars.  Oh, and cyberspace and 
virtual real estate and and.....

It's going to be an interesting couple of months.


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