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From Andy Polyakov <>
Subject Re: restructuring the server (was Re: virtual host again)
Date Fri, 28 Apr 1995 18:12:12 GMT
>    BTW, guys! Has anybody ever considered to cache ~user aliases
>    translations and access evaluations? Latter should do really nice job
>    for latex2html documents and other <IMG> junkies.
> In the non-forking server, we actually do that already, on a
> per-process basis (unless Rob's changed it).  Surprise!
No, I'm not suprised!
> How did this happen?  Well, every /~foo is entered into the aliases
> table as it's encountered, for the sake of unmunge_name.  When the
> same server process sees /~foo again (with the same user foo), the
> alias is used and the passwd-file lookup is bypassed.
Right! Shouldn't they be obsoleted in some time? Just in case you move
user's home directory over? And what about access evaluation cacheing?
Could be usefull as well, I beleive...


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