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Subject: Re: CGI specification (was Re: restructuring the server)
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   Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 18:35 BST
   From: (David Robinson)

Dave --- a formal CGI spec would be a good idea.  I haven't gone over
your actual document yet, so I can't really post a full critique;
however, I do have one comment.

   4. Emphasises that a standard CGI script does not and cannot know the
      original URL the client requested. (And hence cannot use it as a base
      for relative links in any HTML returned).

With the Apache and NCSA 1.4 treatment of PATH_INFO, the script *can*
know the client's URL --- it is guaranteed to be the same as the
concatenation of SCRIPT_URI and PATH_INFO.  In fact, I'd prefer to see
this used as the definition of PATH_INFO in your document.  (The
language you have now is awfully non-committal).

(The only deviation from this invariant with NCSA 1.3, and possibly
CERN, is in the case where PATH_INFO consists entirely of '/'
characters, and as everyone will remember from the flame wars we had
about *that*, I regard that deviation as a bug).

Here we go again...


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