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From Andy Polyakov <>
Subject Re: restructuring the server (was Re: virtual host again)
Date Thu, 27 Apr 1995 07:36:24 GMT
> At NCSA we are in the architure stage of redesigning the server. 
> If you would like make requests about structure, interfaces
> internal or external, etc. now is the time to do it.
As I already mentioned once I would love to see multithreaded server
(POSIX Threads based for example). The very first requirement is that
all procedures should be reentrant. And that's something I would
suggest if you want to redesign whole thing. Once everything is
reentrant, multithreading comes at "no time". Once it's multithreaded,
it's whole new world with cacheing possibilities starting from access
evaluations and finishing at pages themselves.

BTW, guys! Has anybody ever considered to cache ~user aliases
translations and access evaluations? Latter should do really nice job
for latex2html documents and other <IMG> junkies.


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