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From (Elizabeth Frank)
Subject Re: restructuring the server (was Re: virtual host again)
Date Wed, 26 Apr 1995 23:11:04 GMT
On Apr 26,  2:44pm, Rob Hartill wrote:
} Subject: Re: restructuring the server (was Re: virtual host again)
 > Anyway, there doesn't seem to be many sites in the the 1 million/day
 > club, so the proposed NCSA meeting would be a quiet one :-)
 > robh
}-- End of excerpt from Rob Hartill

Well that was just the million+ group was just one of the
suggested BOF type meetings requested.  The administration
and CGI tutorials are another set of meetings suggested. I
figured those in this group would be most interested in
the third set of meetings where we listen to gripes, discuss
requested features and present our grand plans for a
Dynamic Object Repository (DOR) as a bull's eye for y'all
to shoot at.  In particular we would like help developing
an Application Program Interface (API) to replace/enhance
CGI.  I'd like at least one discussion about log formats
(1 vs mult. log files, limited configurability in format,

	-Beth Frank

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