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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: restructuring the server (was Re: virtual host again)
Date Wed, 26 Apr 1995 16:34:36 GMT
Yahoo was getting over a million hits a day when they stopped advertising
their aggregate traffic, and the graph of total hits over the previous
hundred days still looked like a perfect exponential curve (absent the 
late-December dip due to the holidays).

Re: GNN, I seem to remember that at the time when they (and everyone else)
encountered the listen-queue-jam problem for the first time, and started
to discuss it on www-talk, the webmaster there mentioned in passing his
daily hit rate, and at that point, it was only something like 200-300K.
(Of course, my memory could be wrong).  GNN could be in the million+ range
anyway if you count all the mirror sites, but by that standard, I suppose
it's possible that the movie database counts as well.

(Another possible million+ site is sunsite-UNC, and I suppose it's possible
that IUMA makes the cut as well, particularly if mirrors are added in).


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