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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Another server named "Apache"...
Date Wed, 26 Apr 1995 14:01:47 GMT
I sent this out earlier today, and haven't seen it yet.  (I think Rob
has been having these sorts of problems as well).  Anyway, here's a press
release, which describes yet another server project named "Apache" (look
towards the middle)...


>From Wed Apr 26 12:32:54 EDT 1995
Article: 28217 of comp.infosystems.www.providers
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From: Pat Clawson <>
Newsgroups: comp.infosystems.www.providers
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 20:25:57 -0500
Organization: Delphi ( email, 800-695-4005 voice)
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Message-ID: <>

Advanced Internet Publishing
Audience Tracking System
Debuts At Newspaper Convention
(NEW ORLEANS) April 25, 1995 -- TeleGrafix Communications Inc. of Huntington
Beach, Calif., and Cykic Software Inc. of San Diego have announced the first
media server systems dedicated to electronic newspaper publishing and online
broadcasting that integrate the Internet and World Wide Web with advanced
database, audiotex, fax-on-demand, advertising placement and audience
measurement technologies.
The media servers, which combine TeleGrafix's RIPscrip(TM) 2.0 online
multimedia software with Cykic's MultiBase(TM) Internet networking platform,
were demonstrated today for the 1,500 newspaper publishers attending the
Newspaper Association of America's annual convention in New Orleans.
They are the first products featuring easy-to-use software for page creation
and editing with RIPscrip-enhanced Hypertext Markup Language (RIP-HTML),
allowing anyone to publish information inexpensively on the Internet's World
Wide Web within minutes.  TeleGrafix has obtained exclusive worldwide marketing
rights to RIPscrip-based media server technologies developed by Cykic.
"RIP-HTML allows rapid transmission of fully integrated text, graphics,
photographic images and digital sound via the Internet. It advances use of the
World Wide Web as a publishing medium by allowing publishers of electronic
newspapers and online broadcasters to maintain total control over the
appearance and format of their Internet information products," said TeleGrafix
President and CEO Patrick Clawson.
The media servers, the latest products to result from TeleGrafix's Project
Apache research effort on RIPscrip-based Internet tools, combine the
capabilities of computer bulletin board systems with the World Wide Web.
Backward compatibility allows the continued use of computer bulletin board
systems already operated by many electronic publishers and online
broadcasters..  In addition, the servers permit live searching and sorting of
databases from within World Wide Web pages using MultiBase technologies.
"These new media servers can operate as standalone solutions for electronic
publishers and online broadcasters.  They allow media companies to create and
distribute information via fax, audiotex and Internet from the same platform,"
said Cykic President Al Grenier.
Multibase is a unique multiuser networking system and database environment for
advanced online and Internet media systems. It operates on 386, 486 and
Pentium-based IBM-compatible personal computers. Programs that run under dBASE,
Clipper, FoxBase+ and other popular systems can be run under MultiBase with few
changes. MultiBase also supports the use of a mouse, pop-up windows and online
graphics. Since MultiBase is written in assembly language, extremely rapid
operating speeds can be achieved for realtime online media environments.  Users
can configure up to 2,000 connections on a network with MultiBase servers.
The media servers combine TeleGrafix's Cybermedia Advertising Research
System(TM) with Internet audience tracking technologies developed by Cykic.
These tools are ideal for consortia such as the newly announced New Century
Network founded by eight major newspaper publishers, or by any other group
seeking ways to put electronic newspapers before the widest possible audience.
Publishers can now determine exactly who is accessing World Wide Web sites,
collecting precise individual user information.  Advertisers may also receive
live, real-time reports on advertising reach and effectiveness.
Pricing of the Project Apache media servers will be disclosed at a future date.
Shipments are expected to begin in the third quarter of 1995.
TeleGrafix Communications was founded in 1992 and is privately held.. Its
RIPscrip online multimedia language is used worldwide by the computer bulletin
board industry as an open standard for graphical communications.  About one
dozen media organizations in the United States and overseas now use RIPscrip
technologies for electronic newspapers, including the Raleigh (NC) News &
Observer, the Gainesville (FL) Sun, and the Daytona Beach (FL) News-Journal.
Cykic Software was founded in 1987 and is privately held.  Its networking and
database technologies are widely used in the aerospace, defense and health care
industries, by organizations such as the U.S. Department of Defense, Martin
Marietta, Kaiser Permanente, TEAC of Korea, and John Deere & Co.
Contact:  Patrick Clawson, TeleGrafix Communications,
Phone: (714) 379-2140.  Fax: (714) 379-2132..  BBS: (714) 379-2133.

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