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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Real Audio
Date Thu, 20 Apr 1995 09:15:10 GMT
[NB --- no one from IUMA is actually on the new-httpd list, as of
 twenty minutes ago, so jon isn't seeing this reply...

   Date: Wed, 19 Apr 95 14:46:19 -0700
   From: (jon r. luini)
   Precedence: bulk

   howdy, excuse me for jumping in, probably without a lot of background
   on the project and what might already be built in.  basically, i just
   found out about the apache project and am very interested in being involved
   with it to whatever degree makes sense and i'm useful. i'd like to do
   some beta testing of things and potentially run some new servers on apache
   as opposed to the other non-open solutions out there.

Hmmmm... IUMA would certainly make a nice, high-profile beta site.

   i think it's a ripe time for being able to include some standard methods
   in building some nice extendibility for the future now in something like
   apache. i'm not familiar with how involved the apache development crew
   is in trying to extend the HTTP spec and how far it's planned to go without
   touching the spec. i'm curious whether there are already plans for the
   netsite-ish push/pull strategies and communication with passing URL's
   and data to open pipes between companion applications. there are people
   all over the place doing various extensions based on specific mime-types
   as well as moving into non-scalable server-modification solutions and i'd
   like to see all of that be able to come under one roof so as to reach the
   widest audience being able to benefit from such extensions.

Well, here's the server maintainers telling us what they want... it's
just so disarmingly (and deliberately --- see below) vague.  (NB the
only thing you really need to make NetSite push/pull work is nph-
scripts, which give you an unbuffered pipe back to the client, so you
can control when the client gets the frames.  AddHandler would provide
a slight convenience here, in that it would allow you to avoid having
to stick that 'nph-' on the client-visible names of things, but I
think what he *really* wants here are Java applets implementing
protocols of their own).

   obviously, a lot of this ends up being on the client side, but it seems
   to me that if you build a back-side standard, the folks making the browsers
   will jump at incorporating new standards (hence my veering off in the previous
   paragraph about the HTTP spec).  i'm sure i'm not alone in wanting to avoid
   the future of having one company designing all sorts of proprietary 
   communication methods between their server and their client (sort of reminds
   me about the scary aspects of microsoft's future plans).

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