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From (Elizabeth Frank)
Subject Re: Issues for a beta release...
Date Wed, 12 Apr 1995 20:59:47 GMT
On Apr 12, 12:02pm, Brian Behlendorf wrote:
} Subject: Re: Issues for a beta release...
 > From: Brian Behlendorf <>
 > To:
 > Subject: Re: Issues for a beta release...
 > What about S-HTTP, with hooks to either/both PGP or Terisa's libshttp?  
 > Isn't that the long term solution everyone should be working towards? 
}-- End of excerpt from Brian Behlendorf

The security experts here at NCSA strongly believe that SHTTP is the 
way to go.  Due to resource limitations I don't feel we can implement
both SSL and SHTTP in the requested timeframes.  I'm pushing for SHTTP
support over SSL as the better implementation.  I'm not saying saying
NCSA will never support SSL, I'm just not willing to put it into the
httpd schedule yet.

		Elizabeth Frank

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