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From (Beth Frank)
Subject Re: Issues for a beta release... (NCSA PLEASE READ)
Date Wed, 12 Apr 1995 13:04:00 GMT
 > From Tue Apr 11 19:03:25 1995
 > From: Brian Behlendorf <>
 > To:
 > Cc:
 > Subject: Re: Issues for a beta release... (NCSA PLEASE READ)
 > This is an intersting situation, and I hope someone from NCSA can respond 
 > (hence my change to the subject line).  Since our licenses are still very 
 > similar, I think they have as much right to use *our* code as we do 
 > *their*s, so I can't see how they would see this situation as anything 
 > but collaborative.  My opinion is that we shouldn't release anything with 
 > the non-forking code until at least we hear back from them, but this is 
 > based more on professional courtesy than any legal reason (NB: I'm not a 
 > lawyer, etc etc...) (BTW, what does NB stand for?)

I'm bringing this to the attention of the powers that be.  (Sorry, I
don't get to make decisions about copyright :^)  I may not be able to
have an answer for you until next week.  (Vacation time...)

Brandon has the final word on this issue.  If you can convince him
it needs to be changed.  OK... PROVIDED it happens BEFORE the Beta
test period ends.  Once it goes out in the official release we are
NOT changing the names.

 > .  While we *must* be compatible with 1.3 (if for any other 
 > reason so people can still use as documentation for 
 > apache) I don't necessarily agree that we must be compatible with 1.4.  
 > 1.4 is much more a departure from its antecedent than 1.3 or even 1.2 
 > was, so a lot of its "features" may get revamped in short order....

Note on the documentation... it is going to be moving when the 1.4
official docs are available.  The 1.3 docs will remain only as long as
we have 1.3 binaries available on the ftp server (which will probably
be for a long time.).  Just don't count on us keeping the documentation
around forever.  It should be easy enough to give copies of our old
documentation to you if/when we decide to delete it, if you still need

		Elizabeth Frank

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