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From Andy Polyakov <>
Subject Re: Issues for a beta release...
Date Wed, 12 Apr 1995 09:54:46 GMT
Hi, everybody!
> 1) The whole forking/non-forking thing.  As a side project, mention of
>    which has shown up here from time to time, I've been working on
>    integrating the non-forking stuff from NCSA 1.4 (basically, their
>    httpd.c) with Apache.
What I really would love to see implemented in WWW server is
multithreaded model. I wonder if you have ever considered this? I
realize that it restricts the variety of platforms you can run it at,
but it shall provide real performance boost on those selected
platforms. And one can do much more magic with cashing things, for
example one can cash web pages' mmaps and let kernel do "unplugged"
page-ins. I also realize it may require major recoding to make every
single procedure reentrant, but this won't hurt non-threaded platforms.
Has anyone got any idea on how much of the current code is reentrant?
Was it design goal from the beginning or none ever paid any attention to
>    Our current nameserver cache has to go, unfortunately (it relies on
>    each process being handled by a new child which inherits a recent
>    copy of the parent's memory), but the rest of the code seems to
>    work OK.
I wonder if I can look at changes you've made. Or how do I get NCSA 1.4
if it's not possible?
> 3) I really would like the APB code in our first public release.
What's APB?
>    (NB this may involve nontrivial coding --- most of my code looks
>    pretty much like, well, Apache, but httpd.c is taken more or less
>    from 1.4, and looks rather different.  I think there is a 1.4
>    version of the APB patches out there, which might help adapting
>    it). 


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