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From Andrew Wilson <>
Date Mon, 10 Apr 1995 12:00:05 GMT

> I've taken the step of writing a license.
> Please take a look, and make comments if you wish.
> This draft expresses what I think we need. There will
> probably be bits you want removed/changed, but please
> read it only as a first draft, and not necessarily
> as the views of everyone else invloved with Apache.

Seems fine to me.  There should also be a copyright (c) and a
pointer to the distribution licence in the header of each of the
src/files.  Otherwise we're compounding the licencing errors
we've inherited.

I spoke to Paul Richards (one of our listeners) again over the
weekend - it seems like we're still no better protected legally
for having this licence present.  It's still the case that
we *NEED* NCSA to tell us where they stand on the 1.3R licence.

You'll have seen the message I sent to Beth Frank and Carlos Varela
which asked for a little clarification.  Well, there's been no
response.  Beth, Carlos?  Who should we talk to in NCSA to
make some progress on this issue?

> robh


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