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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Harvest cache now available as an ``httpd accelerator'' (fwd)
Date Wed, 05 Apr 1995 12:11:23 GMT
   Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 12:28 BST
   From: (David Robinson)

   Amazing. Only yesterday evening I was thinking how it would be possible to
   write a proxy server with O(10ms) response time for memory-cached resources.
   I'd got as far as wondering about a proxy server that knew about content
   negotiation; if it couldn't contact the server to fetch the jpeg you really
   wanted, it would send you the gif it had cached.

   I hadn't quite thought of using such a server as an accelerator for a
   standard httpd, though the idea is interesting.

   Could we do the same thing in apache? Have a cache of URL -> file mappings?

Unfortunately, it's not just negotiation that you have to worry
about, it's also authentication info, etc., as well as cache
coherence.  (You could do a much better job on .htaccess files, for
instance, if you cached the information, rather than walking the
filesystem each tedious time --- but then changes made to .htaccess
files wouldn't take effect until the daemon was somehow forced to
flush the cache.  Symlink checks are also problematic).

I'll certainly be looking at the harvest thing closely, though.


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