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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: HotJava servers (fwd)
Date Tue, 04 Apr 1995 09:06:54 GMT

> > This is very interesting - could you elaborate on this?  Is the goal just
> > to write a basic http server in java because it can be done, or is it to
> > implement an extended http to enhance client-server functionality?  Or is
> > it to give browsers the ability to be servers as well - this is perfectly
> > in line with the peer-to-peer model of the WWW (rather than client-server)
> > that must come to be if the web will be used for true collaborate
> > applications. 
> We can do a number of things.  Some are just implementation nits like
> using multithreading instead of Unix fork().  There are a number of
> things that fall out from doing this that make for big performance
> improvements.  But you could do this in C.  We also let you use hunks
> of Java code instead of cgi-bin scripts, which turns a pile of
> fork/exec/script parsing into a method call.  A big performance boost.
> We can also do application-specific plugins that give the server a
> telescript-like behaviour.  One little plugin I did implements a simple
> "chat room" protocol.

This is interesting (but perhaps not in the scope of the current round of apache
modifications).  Xerox PARC are working on a similar (loosely termed) super-client,
called Jupiter, and based around the MOO OODB-environment, another one of my litle
hobbies.  MOOs have already been turned into fully HTTP compliant WWW servers.

Ultimately the way the web will be used will be defined as much by client
design as by server design.  I was thinking to myself a while back that it'd be nice
if there was a sister-project to Apache which focussed on building and maintaining
sources for a SOTA web client.  For prettiness, Netscape is still quite good but a
well ported HotJava-like tool would be more useful to the leading-edge users who've
inspired the current projects.

If you imagine a super-Apache 3.0 with browsing capabilities then things start to
get a little heady.

It'll probably happen, and if it does then I want some.


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