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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: redirection revisited
Date Mon, 03 Apr 1995 19:03:51 GMT

To the NCSA folk and Rob McCool if he's interested in the idea..

Shall we try to make "REDIRECT_" a de facto standard for a CGI 1.2,
where any CGI variable prefixed by this string can be assumed to
have been built from an earlier CGI var that existed prior to
a redirect. And let's throw in DOCUMENT_ROOT while we're at it.

I've also added


Maybe I need to change "REDIRECT_URL" to "REDIRECT_DOCUMENT_URI",
but cgi's don't have a DOCUMENT_URI, they use SCRIPT_NAME to
do the same job.

Hmmm, CGI is a bit of a mess anyway.

The new "standard" would make "REDIRECT_*" optional. Scripts cannot
assume they'll see any.

 redirecting to /home/kitchen/fridge

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