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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: httpd patches
Date Mon, 03 Apr 1995 17:25:44 GMT
   From: (Andy Polyakov)

   What do NSCA people think of it? If there're any left? Looks like most of
   them just moved to Netscape. Well, just wondering...

NCSA hired new people.  A few of them are even on our list --- you may
be hearing from them.  (Incidentally, they also have a new httpd
release which is currently in limited beta.  Both the new NCSA release
and Apache address the initgroups bug and the single-character reads).

   NO, IT WON'T! At least not with NCSA 1.3: for cycle takes care of that.

Hmmm... as I read the code, it will start checking for .htaccess files
in *subdirectories* of the directory named by the longest initial
substring which matches some <Directory> directive in access.conf (or
DocumentRoot --- but that may be redundant).           (Whew!)

So, if every user home directory is a subdirectory of some other
directory named in access.conf, then httpd won't waste time walking
from root to those home directories.  However, if some users have home
directories elsewhere (and at my site, they do), it will go straight
down the root, hitting the automounter paths (among others).

Did I get that right?


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