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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: .htforward anyone???
Date Mon, 03 Apr 1995 11:30:31 GMT
   Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 14:45:23 BST
   From: Andrew Wilson <>
   Would it be considered cool to have some kind of


   capability under Apache?  sendmail has a .forward which contains
   various scripty bits and pieces to allow incoming mail to be
   forwarded on to another destination.  The people who decide
   what-gets-.forwarded-where are the 'owners' of the e-mail (the
   recipients) rather then the root user or some other admin.

These are good ideas, but I'd prefer to see them implemented by adding
Alias and Redirect directives to .htaccess files, rather than by
adding a second per-directory config file.  (In my server profiles,
searching for .htaccess files, which are generally not present,
consumes nearly 30% of the server's CPU time --- searching for a
second set of per-directory config files would not come cheap).

I realize that this involves putting things in ".htaccess" files which
aren't concerned with access per se, but we already have them there
(AddType directives in particular), probably for exactly this reason.


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