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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: content-arbitration
Date Sun, 02 Apr 1995 17:56:29 GMT
   From: Randy Terbush <>

   With the following in 'index.var'

So, retrievals of /some/dir/index.var will be affected by the qs
values in the map (which is as follows):

   URI: 01; vary="type,language"

   URI: 01.jpg
   Content-type: image/jpeg; qs=0.8

   URI: 01.gif
   Content-type: image/gif; qs=0.5

Note that this means that clients which don't send any quality
preferences of their own (and most don't) should always get the jpeg,
when retrieval goes through this map.

   And a directory containing:


   http:/01 always returns the .gif.

http:/some/dir/01 does MultiViews, which makes its own type map from
the 01.* files that it finds --- it does *not* read any *.var file.

I've keep on getting the feeling that in this circumstance, MultiViews
should read 01.var if it finds it, rather than using its own map.  I
originally thought that this sort of mixing of the two mechanisms
would cause more confusion than it solved, but I'm more and more
seeing that the reverse seems to be the case.

   What am I missing?  How can I debug this?  I was looking 
   through the code to see if we can somehow log the actual
   file served instead of the file requested.  This would
   be helpful to assure me of what file I am getting.  :-)

This dovetails pretty nicely with Andrew's concerns on redirects.


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