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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Voting on 0.4
Date Sun, 02 Apr 1995 13:44:45 GMT
   Date: Sun, 2 Apr 95 17:07 BST
   From: (David Robinson)

Hmmm... my understanding was that voting periods ended on Friday.
But, comments on the votes (particularly some of the blackballs):  

   B19: (B19_spaces_in_content_type.txt) -1

      This purports to fix a bug in scan_script_headers (due to me); I
      do not see a bug. In
		   out_headers = (char *) realloc(out_headers,
      'p' already includes the CRLF in the character count, so I don't see why
      this should change to loh+p+3.

Ooops... my mistake.  If you'd been around to point this out, I'd have
been happy to correct it.  However, the change is at least inoccous,
and real easy to back out of; in any case, the patch does work.

   B5: (B5-patch.UXBITHACK_improved)  -1

      Ok, but the patch is conditional on the constant UXBITHACK, whereas the
      test in http_get.c is on XBITHACK (sic).
      I haven't looked at B5-patch.UXBITHACKforE24.txt; see below.

Ah yes... in my working 0.4 build, I've got the following at the end
of httpd.h:

/* APACHE --- enable some of our own bugfixes (!) */

#define LOGUSER

Andrew, I'm not quite sure why you made these conditional --- do you
believe someone might actually want the old behavior (which is pretty
clearly broken)?

   P14: (P14.DBMuserauth.txt) -1

      Almost there. It needs to prototype get_dbm_pw, and remove the unused
      structure 'r' from that routine.

This is all pretty trifling --- there are worse stylistic problems all
over the base code, and even with some of our own stuff.  Your code,
for instance, gives me persistent compiler warnings on stream.c and
util.c because you don't cast the result of malloc() --- at least as
serious as a missing prototype.  We clearly ought to clean this all up
at some point, but does it really merit a blackball *now*?


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