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From Rob McCool <>
Subject Re: fork free
Date Mon, 24 Apr 1995 22:38:44 GMT
 * "Re: fork free" by (Robert S. Thau)
 *    written Mon, 24 Apr 95 18:02:35 EDT
 * So, I'm not sure I see how the server is supposed to put off the
 * decision of whether or not to go the nph- route until after the
 * script is actually sending output --- to do that, it has to see the
 * output, which means the script can't be running under nph "rules of
 * engagement".

Well, there was a bug in 1.3 where the client socket descriptor was
left open for the CGI process. One (ugly) possibility would be to
duplicate that socket on a well-known fd (like stderr or #3 perhaps)
so that a script could output a stop-parsing magic string on stdout,
and then finish the response on the client socket.


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