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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject bad CGI scripts (was Re: fork free)
Date Mon, 24 Apr 1995 09:13:28 GMT
>    /*
>     * "Re: fork free" by Rob Hartill <>
>     *    written Sun, 23 Apr 95 15:12:35 MDT
>     * 
>     * Brandon mentioned some archie script which would almost always
>     * time-out, if so, that script should be rewritten or discarded as
>     * being unsuitable for a HTTP server - isn't that what archive
>     * servers and cleints are for ?
>     *
>     */
> Rob --- the probem here isn't with the script itself; it's with
> Archie, which generally does just time out these days no matter how
> you get to it...

my point exactly.. rewrite the script (e.g. to do it's own timeouts, or
better still use the 

<META HTTP-EQUIV=\"Refresh\"

option to tell the client to come back in a moment or two.


mv archie.cgi /bit/bucket

I use the Refresh idea when generating postscript from TeX. It can take
anything from 10 to N seconds to produce the postscript, so I have
a CGI which responds immediately telling the user that the task is
under way, and the Refresh system then polls the server for the

The alternative would have been that the user sits around staring at
a "Waiting for reply" message, and one of the httpd processes would be
tied up in a waiting state.


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