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From (Cliff Skolnick)
Subject Re: The political correctness question...
Date Sat, 22 Apr 1995 18:54:30 GMT
On Apr 22,  9:06pm, Robert S. Thau wrote:
} Subject: The political correctness question...
} Since the political correctness question has been raised on www-talk,
} I was tempted to respond, but tired enough to think better of it 'til
} I've thought it over.  What does anybody think of this as a response:
} When we named the Apache server, we were aware this issue might arise.
} We mean no offense, of course, and if any authorized representative of
} the Apache Nation asks us to change the name, we certainly will.

How about "the potential that this name might offend the Apache
Nation arose, and it was concluded that if an authorized representative
of ...."

I think yours sounds more like, "ya we didn't care at the time, but
hey what the hell it's ok cause we will change it".  I'd rather see
"we thought about it, realized we were not qualified to judge, but
of course all agreed if it was really offensive we would certainly

} At the same time, we hope we are treated no more harshly than the
} other people who are also using the name... about. "We are aware of other using the name for various
products, and were not aware of any severe problems.  Certainly
it s our hope this will not cause any"

}   [whois list]
} Feel free to shoot this response down in flames... I'm kinda tuckered
} out, and I wouldn't be suprized at all if there's something wrong with
} it.

Your intent was 100% on the mark.

} rst
}-- End of excerpt from Robert S. Thau

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