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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: ready?
Date Thu, 20 Apr 1995 18:34:09 GMT

> > Does this handle the case where multiple redirects take place ?
> > 
> > GET A   ->   B  ->  C  ->  D  ->  E
> > 
> > ...crazy but perfectly valid I think.
> You are crazy.  Maybe that's why they elected you into the WWW Hall of 
> Fame.  I wonder what it'll take to get me in.

My name got put on the wrong list. I was supposed to go in the
Hall of Shame.
> I thought the server was smart enough to only redirect once?  Isn't 
> redirecting more than once really a configuration error, when it has to 
> do with custom error messages?

redirects because of errors/problems will not redirect to another
error/problem URL... that's a built in safety mechanism.

Redirects in general can (or should) be able to bounce around from
URL to URL with no restriction.

> > :-)   does anyone in their right mind want to log USER_AGENT in their
> > logfile. It only makes sense for big sites, and they simply won't be
> > able to afford all the space it takes up in the log.
> > USER AGENT is a big string for most browsers.
> Yes, which is why it'd be a configuration option people could turn on or 
> off whenever they wanted.  In fact if those options could be allows in 
> srm.conf, it could be turned on or off on a per-directory basis.

that makes a little more sense.

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