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From Frank Peters <...@Jester.CC.MsState.Edu>
Subject Re: ready ?
Date Thu, 20 Apr 1995 21:59:08 GMT
> One random caution --- I've got a report from someone running 0.6.1
> (he just *found* it on hyperreal), that XBITHACK doesn't work.  I suspect
> something flaky may be going on, but I don't know yet whether it's site
> setup or a real problem with the server.  If XBITHACK is working for other
> people, then I'm still +1 on a beta release; just as a sanity check, I'd
> be reassured if I knew someone had checked.

The Internet Movie Database files use XBITHACK.  Works fine on my Solaris 2
server running 0.6.1.

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