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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: ready ?
Date Thu, 20 Apr 1995 15:54:36 GMT
> What about a "known bugs, with links to possible fixes" page?  I.e.
> <LI>401 ErrorDocument redirects are missing a WWW-Authenticate line.
> We're pretty sure <a href="B80.txt">this patch</a> will fix it, but let 
> us know.

Is it a sure fix ? - I thought you had some problem with it before
you left last night.

> info.html: "Newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix does not exist!" 
> according to my trn.

It was announced today. It'll be created in 5 days or so. The danger
is in pointing people at c.i.w.providers only for it to vanish in 
late June.

> docs/*.conf: Aside from parts missing in access.conf, is this meant to
> be complete documentation, a superset of  If so, 
> cool - but it would be nice if at the top a summary of new tags and 
> features were added.

Go for it  :-)

> Also, finally, let's take some credit for our work.  Any objections to 
> linking the members page to the front page?  The only thing I'd be afraid 

Well, the members page is potentially misleading as it is. There's
a few names there which I'd have to say "Who ?" to, and a few that
are missing.

The "Apache Group" needs to be defined. I think we agreed to make
it a lost of people who have contributed time/resources/code to the
project, should be listed.

The fairest way to do this is for everyone who wants to be on that list
to suggest their name on this list, with optional URL/email address.

So if you think you've made a contribution, speak now...

I'll go first,
   Member: Rob Hartill   
   Organization: Los Alamos National Lab  
   e-mail:   (see the Apache FAQ before mailing me)
   Comments: O.J. is guilty

Brian, you seem to have a way with words, and are well known on the
www-talk list. I'd be happy to let you announce it there.

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