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From Brandon Long <>
Subject Re: More ErrorDocument problems
Date Thu, 20 Apr 1995 02:37:59 GMT
Last time, Brian Behlendorf uttered the following other thing:
> Request comes in
> Response has error code X
> Error code X is redirected to URI foo
> Do any content-negotiation mapping necessary on URI
> If URI foo is a script:
>    execute script and rely on script to generate headers
>    send to client
>    log access
>    exit
> Else If URI is a .asis page
>    dump to client
>    log access
>    exit
> Else 
>    print headers of original response to client
>    print the appropriate Content-type: header
>    print a blank line
>    print data in file
>    log access
>    exit
> By this logic, if the redirect is not to a CGI script or a .asis, there
> should be no difference in the *headers* of a 401 response from NCSA 1.3 and
> Apache (using ErrorDocument on a 401), except the latter will probably 
> have a Content-type: line.
> Is the logic in the code different, modulo implementation details?

The problem we have here, is that Rob's logic is not our logic :)
Well, that and writing the server as the standard developed (came about)

The only headers set logically by dump_default_header in http_mime.c
(should we move it now that we KNOW its not mime compliant :)
is the Date and Server (or Annotations-cgi, for 1.4).  Logically,
all the variables should be set before that point, and if set, should
be included when dump_default_header is called.

But, its not.  Maybe I'll fix that in NCSA for 1.5, but I think Beth might
kill me for making a major modification like that at this late date . . . 


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