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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: beta news ?
Date Wed, 19 Apr 1995 11:46:25 GMT
> It's fine to let the general public find some bugs for a change, once
> we've taken our own best shot.  However, a lot of the code in 0.5.1 and
> especially 0.6.1 is still not tested on most of our beta sites, particularly
> most of the big ones, and I really don't feel terribly comfortable releasing
> the thing until we've shown enough confidence in it to be using it ourselves.

I can't put 0.6.1 on Cardiff. I don't have enough permissions to do it.
The sys-admin there is just too busy with other things to install 0.6.1
at the moment - it's not lack of confidence - he put the non-forking
patch in on the basis that it can stay in as long as it doesn't break

I've also given 0.6.1 to a couple of people to use instead of NCSA 1.3.
They haven't come back with any reports of problems.

But we're still not quite ready w.r.t  online info and documentation.

I just created  out

We need a new index.html, one which looks good and has pointers
to /apache/info.html  and /apache/docs/


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