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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: indexing suggestion (ATTN NCSA: possible 1.4 bug...)
Date Mon, 17 Apr 1995 09:10:30 GMT
> (That's the subtlety I was alluding to... Rob H., if you've taken over
> the non-forking stuff, I guess this is in your bailiwick).

parse_access_dir() in non-forking code is an unmunge_name() 
waiting to happen.

Re: Trailing slash stuff..

> if the XBIT is set on
> /file.html/, then this is a reference to a server-side-includes file
> with PATH_INFO, and the correct thing is very definitely to process
> the file, and pass along the PATH_INFO to any scripts it happens to
> invoke.

I'll agree with that, if and only if you can point me to the CGI
documentation which defines this behaviour. If that isn't documented,
I'd agree that  index.html/  and index.html/a  should return a 404 Not

Until we get HTTP/1.1, and the ability to add a BASE to the header, I
think it is too dangerous (w.r.t broken relative URLs) to service these
requests. If 1.3 behaves as David described, we won't be breaking 
anything by 404'ing them.


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