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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: userdir fixed
Date Sun, 16 Apr 1995 11:55:45 GMT
> Seconded.  I'm still not entirely sure what problem B57 is supposed to
> address, 

It screws up all kinds of unaliased->alised translations. David
has seen it logging the wrong filenames, and I've seen it incorrectly
set cgi variables.

> but it's caused serious problems two weeks in a row.  I've
> backed out of it for my own builds, and I really think we should table
> the thing until at *least* after beta 1.

How about holding off on any *new* patches for the next few days, and
build a 0.7b out of 0.6. Aim for a Wednesday rebuild maybe ?

I think it'll help to have a specific date in mind for the first beta.

However, I'll build a 0.6.1 if that's what's wanted.


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