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From (Cliff Skolnick)
Subject Re: This weeks patches
Date Sat, 15 Apr 1995 14:48:44 GMT
On Apr 15,  6:46pm, David Robinson wrote:
} You pass a string to gethostbyname [sic], so I presume it must be a hostname.
} Your example that I saw before used a hostname. Yet you claim that
} a numeric IP address should work? I don't think there is any reason to expect
} this, although I could imagine BSDI is being 'nice' and simply returning the
} IP address you gave it.
} This certainly would not work under OSF/1. (Though it does work under Solaris,
} to my surprise.)

This is a bsd thing, to my surprise it does not work under
OSF :-).  Anyway, I changed the code to use inet_aton() now so that
is not an issue (B73 comming to a server near you after I test it).
I also only use the "VIRTUAL_HOST" define now, so your objections
should be all fixed.

The whole background for these  bits of code was I got the basis
from the net long time ago and never really did bother to look
at it too much.  I just added a couple features.  The lack of
examination is why I did I did not hand it over to the apache group
earlier.   Then it came up that we needed it fast, so I ent it in

There is still one perfomance problem with the patches in that it
opens a log file every access (ugh) if you are accessing a virtual_host,
but I'll fix that in the patch for B73 also.


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