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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject YAS
Date Mon, 10 Apr 1995 10:37:48 GMT

another suggestion....

Have httpd parse ALIWEB index files, and return formtted output.

I've got a perl script which does this, but it might be useful to
build it into Apache.

Someone would hit an ALIWEB mime type, if there were arguments then
it would look for those as ALIWEB keywords, if there were no args
then it would return a form where the keywords could be typed in.


Aliweb looks for "/site.idx" which contains things like..

Organization-Name: Department Of Computing Mathematics, UWCC.
URI:           /Places/comma.html
Description:   The department for computer science in the University of Wales College of Cardiff.
Wales. UK
Keywords:      COMMA, UWCC, Cardiff, Wales, computer science, computimg mathematics

Template-Type: SERVICE
Name:          The rec.arts.movies database
URI:           /Movies/index.html
Description:   An interface to the rec.arts.movies database of movie facts
Keywords:      movies, film, cinema, reviews

Template-Type: DOCUMENT 
Name:          Centre for High Performance Computing - Cardiff
URI:           /Hpc/index.html
Description:   Promotion and support of High Performance Computing
Keywords:      high performance computing, JISC

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