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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: YAS
Date Sun, 09 Apr 1995 11:21:53 GMT
> >Some webmasters will not want to let Joe Average run cgi scripts
> >or set up aliases etc. So how does poor Joe redirect his popular page ?
> A simple solution; allow Redirect in .htaccess, but only for URLs below
> that directory.

True, it could be done that way, however the new idea I introduced

 -  a mime type that the server sees as "send file as is" 
      i.e. the file should have it's own HTTP headers

is a really simple and (I think) inexpensive thing to add, which
can be used for other things too.

I'm going to look into writing a patch for this, 'cos I think
it'll be useful, even if we fix redirection on a directory basis
in some other form.


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