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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject YAS
Date Fri, 07 Apr 1995 18:44:11 GMT
Yet another suggestion...

Now that we have content negotiation, this should be feasible...

Some webmasters will not want to let Joe Average run cgi scripts
or set up aliases etc. So how does poor Joe redirect his popular page ?
he has to make a HTML document which does it for him :-(

Now what if Joe could write a file to contain,

Status: 302 Over there
Location: http://somewhere.over.the/rainbow/

<HTML><TITLE>gone</TITLE><H1>Boo hoo, my page have temporarily
move to <A HREF="http://somewhere.over.the/rainbow/">another site</A></H1>

He'd save this file in  index.asis and rename index.html to something else.
Then with a flick of the wrist he'd setup a map file to get / to pick
up index.asis.
.asis would, in a previous episode, have been defined as a special (and new)
MIME type for Apache, and this new type would have the effect of having the
file read as if it were cgi-output (with the safety checks that adds).

So Joe now redirects all requests from ~Joe.Average/   to 

Joe and the webmaster live happily ever after.


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