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From Rob McCool <>
Subject Re: sloppy URLs
Date Fri, 07 Apr 1995 23:14:11 GMT
 * "Re: sloppy URLs" by Rob Hartill <>
 *    written Fri, 7 Apr 95 17:04:15 MDT
 ** I just checked --- the CERN server sends redirects, as does
 ** NetSite.  It seems to be fairly standard and accepted behavior.

NCSA httpd is supposed to redirect missing trailing slashes too. The
place where it doesn't is when name translation is involved; I made
sure to fix that little design problem in Netsite.

CERN has a feature you can turn on where accessing a directory without
a trailing slash forces an automatic index, and adding the / gives you
the index. I always thought that was a Bad Idea.

 * As a service provider, I'm happy to put up with screaming users for
 * a week or two while they fix their URLs, knowing that in the long
 * term everything speeds up.

In general I'd agree however for some reason it just confuses the hell
out of some users. 


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