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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: new B51 patch available
Date Wed, 05 Apr 1995 11:11:58 GMT
> Suppose I have two aliases:
> Alias /icona/ /local/a
> Alias /trial/ /local/abstract
> Then if I try to read /trial/pic.html, and it does not exist, I will
> get an error:
> `The requested URL /icona/bstract/pic.html was not found on this server.'


So it's doing a reverse translation on the URL. 

Maybe we need to fix unmunge_name to return original_url[1] if
orginal_url[0] == '\0'

[orginal_url[0] == '\0' before hitting die() or a redirect.]

It'll still mean that redirected URLs are prone to incorrect reverse
translation, but it'll fix and speed up most unmunges.

> The point is that a URL _can_ contain these characters, as long as they
> are escaped (for # and ?). But by the time translate_name() has been called
> (at least for the case of the original URL), the URL path has been unescaped,
> and so can legitimately contain 'non-active' # and ?.

Okay, I changed the B51 patch to just look for '/' and '\0'


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