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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Harvest cache now available as an ``httpd accelerator'' (fwd)
Date Wed, 05 Apr 1995 08:52:59 GMT
> Could we do the same thing in apache? Have a cache of URL -> file mappings?
>  David.

Now that sounds really useful, as long as there are no problems
with mappings becoming out of date, but if it's part of apache, we
should be able to control that.

I bet a big chunk of apache time is spent looking up the same
URLs over and over and over...

Rob T and David have experience of writing code to cache client names,
so do either of you fancy having a crack at it. Speak now to avoid
duplicating effort.


PS.  is now running Apache 0.4 with all of yesterday's
patches added. It'll take a few days to gauge the consequences (yesterday
under 1.3 was unusually slow for no apparent reason).
The sys-admin there has been keeping a 5 minute interval load average log
for months - if it's still active, we'll be able to compare server load.

I got my first "500 Server Error" intercepted mail message from Apache,
the user clicked on a mailto: (the cgi-include guessed the problem was
my fault and inserted my address), the page dumped all the cgi vars
and the new "REDIRECT_" stuff, so I got an excellent debugging aid.
As Robert Evans would say 'Makes you want to hug your terminal" when
things get that friendly.   :-)

Also, the same site recently switched to Perl 5. If you haven't already,
beware that print "@somewhere" isn't allowed, you have to say "\@somewhere",
so fix your old scripts now.

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