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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject new B51 patch available
Date Tue, 04 Apr 1995 20:06:52 GMT

    Patch B51  premature pattern match bug fix.

    Patch to fix premature pattern matching with aliases.
    e.g  if you have an alias for  /abs   then you
    can't have a reach a url called /abstract.html 'cos a
    substitution takes place on the start of the string.

    file affected :    http_alias.c
                            the string compares for alias matching
                            now check that the pattern matches a whole
                            word i.e.
                               /abs  matches /abs 
                               /abs  fails to match anything else.

I didn't think it through too much, but it looks reasonable.

I tried it with aliases for

/abs        -> cgi script
/abstruct   -> a directory

and with a document called /abstruct.html 

Seems to work just fine. I'm assuming that the characters
[nothing]  ?  #  :  ,  /    are the only "word" boundary
chars in URLs. If not, then it's easy to add more.


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