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From Brandon Long <>
Subject Re: feature request
Date Tue, 04 Apr 1995 00:50:12 GMT
Last time, Robert S. Thau uttered the following other thing:
> The bdflush program for Linux contains code to implement this feature,
> which works as well on SunOS.  (Those of us with NCSA 1.4 handy can
> find the routine in question borrowed, with credit, at the top of the
> 1.4b2 util.c --- note that the bulk of the code borrowed from bdflush
> was itself borrowed, at an earlier time, from Perl 4.036).
> The NCSA code just uses this code to set the name to be "httpd-root"
> or "httpd-child" as appropriate; however, setting it to the text of
> the request is *much* cooler ;-).

And httpd-alone for the processes not in the hunt group.

It works not only by overwriting the argv[0], but if necessary,
(and if they exist) the rest of the args.  It actually has some interesting
side effects on some systems, but for the most part it works.

Under AIX, for instance, a ps will return the new name (and if it
goes into the argv[1], it might give back "httpd-child1 -child1"
because it prints out argv[0] space argv[1])  Under SunOS,
I'm currently getting : "-f conf/httpd.conf (httpd)", since I started it
with an argument, normally when run from root its just (httpd), though
I think it works properly when its not run from root.

Strangely enough, it works perfectly under Linux.  Of course, Linux
doesn't support httpd-child, but eh, one of these days they'll implement
file descriptor passing.

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