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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: content-arbitration
Date Sun, 02 Apr 1995 22:36:55 GMT
> So, retrievals of /some/dir/index.var will be affected by the qs
> values in the map (which is as follows):
>    URI: 01; vary="type,language"
>    URI: 01.jpg
>    Content-type: image/jpeg; qs=0.8
>    URI: 01.gif
>    Content-type: image/gif; qs=0.5
> Note that this means that clients which don't send any quality
> preferences of their own (and most don't) should always get the jpeg,
> when retrieval goes through this map.

How do I determine what a kind of preference a browser is sending?

>    And a directory containing:
>    01.gif
>    01.jpg
>    http:/01 always returns the .gif.
> http:/some/dir/01 does MultiViews, which makes its own type map from
> the 01.* files that it finds --- it does *not* read any *.var file.

That means that if the client does not send a preference, then it get's
the first file in the map?

> I've keep on getting the feeling that in this circumstance, MultiViews
> should read 01.var if it finds it, rather than using its own map.  I
> originally thought that this sort of mixing of the two mechanisms
> would cause more confusion than it solved, but I'm more and more
> seeing that the reverse seems to be the case.

I guess that I had understood that index.var is a global map
file for everything in the current directory.  ie. while more than
one file in map; read index.var.

I also find myself wanting to do:

URI: *.jpg
Content-type: image/jpeg; qs=0.8

URI: *.gif
Content-type: image/gif; qs=0.5

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