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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: announce it NOW
Date Thu, 30 Mar 1995 18:37:48 GMT

> I think we need to announce the existence of Apache NOW.
> We need to whet some appetites, before it's too late.

I understand your sense of urgency.  I agree.

> I think Brian agreed to an official web tree on hyperreal (thanks Brian),
> so can we start to give it some structure. Let's at least get a page
> there which introduces Apache, and sets out our goals.

I am in the progress of put a ROUGH set of pages in /export/pub/apache.
I should have it in place by the end of lunch here.  (CST)  
Nothing is set in stone with these pages.  I think we all have 
mod and delete permissions.

The format I am laying out is modeled heavily from the HylaFAX list.  It provides a nice self help feature
in that the mailing list is archived and easily searchable.

> Any objections to dedicating next week (well post 0.4, whenever that is),
> to documenting what we have in preparation for a beta release ?

I will do what I can.  There is no shortage of work on my plate
as I am sure you are all familiar with.


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