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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: 0.3 is go
Date Sat, 25 Mar 1995 21:50:00 GMT
Rob wrote:
>How do people feel about making 0.3 or something soon after it
>publically available. I'm not suggesting right now, but if
>we find it stable over the next week or so, maybe make it
>public then.

Seems like a good idea. However, here are the reports that have not yet
had code integrated into apache:

B00004: <!--#config timefmt --> does not always take (cliffs)
B00005: XBITHACK not honored on (!--#include--)ed files (andrew)
B00019: Embedded blanks in headers don't work (rst)
B00022: Fix another stack scribbling hole (drtr)

Feature Enhancements:

E00015: add new CGI variables (brian)
E00016: Allow any URL to invoke a script (cliffs)
E00020: Add multi-homed server support (cliffs)
E00024: Adds content-type negotiation (rst)
E00025: custom error responses (brian)
E00030: Add logging of Referer and User-Agent to error_log (fielding)
E00031: custom access (and error ?) logging (hartill)
E00037: Allow connections to be rejected if high load av. (hartill)

Other patches:

O00021: 'Timeout' config setting missing from httpd.conf (hartill)
O00036: Code cleanup and portability changes (randy)

Performance Enhancements:

P00014: DBM-based user databases for HTTP authentication (brian)

So I would like use to consider the following before an actual release:
* All the bugs: B4, B5, B19, B22. (Roy, you vetoed the B22 patch; would you
  like to write a better fix?)
* Features: E30, and maybe E15.
* Is the memory usage with the CERT patch (MAX_STRING_LEN = 8192) acceptable
  even with my malloc patch?
* We've changed the date format; how many browsers actually understand the
  new format?

After that, all we need is some real testing...


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