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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: vote counting.
Date Tue, 21 Mar 1995 20:02:58 GMT

> In any case, I'm not sure that large, omnibus patches are a good idea.
> You can't vote "no" on them without effectively calling the project to
> a halt --- "sorry, folks, no progress this week."  Line item votes are
> the way to keep things moving.
> rst

On the contrary. I think it allows the project to move ahead faster
by enabling *all* patches (or those accepted by the patch coordinator)
to make it into the tree for the following week's single patch.  "No"
votes could include a patch to modify/fix the undesireable part of the
bigger change.

My proposal only suggests eliminating the discussion of the smaller
changes.  I understand that there will likely be fewer of them for the
coming weeks. It also allows portability changes and cleanup an easier
path into the sources.  

I share your concern about stagnation.  Choosing an agressive patch
coordinator would hopefully help us maintain forward momentum.

Please don't read my suggestions as overtly pushy.  Just my observation.

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