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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: change LF to CRLF ?
Date Tue, 21 Mar 1995 18:34:55 GMT

> > Rob wrote:
> > >Hmm, I tried it with a CGI script that output LF with no CR. The
> > >result was output of a LF with no CR  - which I'd consider to be
> > >correct. Even though the spec calls for CRLF, I don't think the
> > >server should be changing the cgi output.
> > >
> > I disagree. Can you explain why httpd should be passing bad data, when it
> > can easily correct it?
> It's certainly our job to ensure that apache conforms to the spec 
> correctly, it is less obvious whether the responsibility of the
> server extends to inforcing standards on external scripts. If you
> think it does, then why aren't we rejecting the cgi headers and
> thus incouraging cgi writers to conform (*)? is there anything in the
> cgi spec which says servers should be liberal with what they accept ?
> I see both sides to the argument, I just opted to err on the side
> of letting the user send what (s)he wants rather than use apache as
> a standards filter.
>   (*) that was not a suggestion.

I support Rob's suggestion that the server be more forgiving about
input and strict about output.  This philosophy allows greater
portablity of served documents and CGI programs which makes Apache
more "user friendly" for document developers.

By being strick about output, it allows us to point the finger at
non-conformant browsers when there is a problem.

The other option would be a runtime flag to specify "pedantic" for
CGI input. ??

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