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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: change LF to CRLF ?
Date Tue, 21 Mar 1995 16:20:00 GMT
Rob wrote:
>Hmm, I tried it with a CGI script that output LF with no CR. The
>result was output of a LF with no CR  - which I'd consider to be
>correct. Even though the spec calls for CRLF, I don't think the
>server should be changing the cgi output.
I disagree. Can you explain why httpd should be passing bad data, when it
can easily correct it?

Changing LF to CFLF (in the rest of httpd) does not fix any actual problems;
all we get is a nice warm fuzzy feeling for 'writing a conforming server';
and I don't think we get even that if we aren't liberal in what we accept
from CGI scripts, and strict in what we output.


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