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From (David Robinson)
Subject New patch log scripts
Date Sat, 18 Mar 1995 16:44:00 GMT
I've installed a new set of patch log scripts on hyperreal, in . The old patches (in ../patchgen)
are still there.

I've copied across the patch-log files; N.B. please do not update these
directly, but use the forms; that way proper file locking is done.

The scripts do not send mail to this list. If enough people want that, then
I'll put it in.

I've tried to make it as convenient as possible to use these forms to discuss
the patches, so that we don't have to use mail. (There is a reply link at
the end of the patch) That way, the our comments should be better organised.

Most of the patch entries do not have links to the code; could the owners
update them please?


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