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From (David Robinson)
Subject New updating scripts
Date Thu, 16 Mar 1995 23:08:00 GMT
I've nearly finished some new bug-tracking scripts. Have a lock at  (temporary http server)
Do NOT submit real bug reports here!!
I would apreciate it if people could play with them and try and break them.
The obvious missing feature, which will only take me a little while tomorrow,
is a script to generate an update form which has sensible defaults.
Also, I haven't done the proper sorting in the index listings; trivial to fix.

Would people object if the bug descriptions were stored in html? I have
code to do all the necessary translations etc. (You would not have to
enter in html.) It would save having to mark up the text every time you read
it (NYI), and I could also put anchors at the start of each users' comment
appended to the bug report. (With links from the index.)


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