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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: announce it NOW
Date Thu, 30 Mar 1995 19:26:22 GMT
On Thu, 30 Mar 1995, Rob Hartill wrote:
> I think we need to announce the existence of Apache NOW.
> We need to whet some appetites, before it's too late.

Make a prerelease announcement before the code is available?  I'll make 
sure and forward all the "where can I get the code" messages to you :)

Seriously, the announcement should be made only when the code is 

> I think Brian agreed to an official web tree on hyperreal (thanks Brian),
> so can we start to give it some structure. Let's at least get a page
> there which introduces Apache, and sets out our goals.
> Any objections to dedicating next week (well post 0.4, whenever that is),
> to documenting what we have in preparation for a beta release ?

No problems.  Again, I'd like to see a cleanup of the code to make it 
compile via -Wall with a minimum of messages.  Whoever assembles 0.4 
could probably do that while integrating the patches, that should be 
pretty uncontroversial.

> What's needed..
>   1) a public mail address. I don't think any of us want to get too
>       involved in reading and replying to users mail, so one solution
>       is to write some kind of FAQ which is given as a standard reply to
>       all mail. The mail response could be a URL pointer.

A URL is really all that's needed for this.  No apache-support@hyperreal 
or anything.

>   2) a bug (&security hole) reporting mail address. Anything that 
>        isn't a bug report goes to /dev/null

How does this sound:, which goes to a mail file 
with group write perms on hyperreal so we can take turns responding to 
messages (using 'w' to make sure others aren't also reading that file - 
though most MUAs like Pine have file locking).  It would be a good way to 
deal with lots of messages without flooding our personal mailboxes.  I 
can also have a vacation-style message response like "Thanks for your 
mail.  The apache developers are very busy and will get to your message 
as soon as we can - however is your mail is not a bug report and/or 
is not a real bug, then you will probably not hear back from us.  
Remember, you get all the support you pay for!"

>   3) a suggestions mailing list. non-suggestions >>/dev/null
>        this would also be used by people wanting to join our effort.

I'd rather not create another mailing list just for suggestions.  Another 
mailbox like the above would probably work well.  I'm also willing to 
give accounts to a few more people who have proved their mettle.

>   4) an Apache Home P^H^H^H^H^H^H no I won't use that stupid term.
>      An Apache introductory page at hyperreal.



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